Monday, October 21, 2013

Soundtrack to My Soul: My Beautiful Playlist

I've been reading this awesome book, Five Conversations You Must Have with Your Daughter.It's all about raising a daughter in today's culture of lies re: beauty, growing up, sex, marriage,'s a must read for any mother of a daughter, of any age.  I believe our culture tells us that women must look, dress and act a certain way to be considered beautiful.  Our media is saturated with lies of what the world thinks is "beautiful" and unfortunately most of us subscribe.  I "know" most of what is said in Five Conversations You Must Have with Your Daughterto be true but I've noticed (after reading this book) that I don't live in those truths. I'm one of those women that complains about gaining weight, that looks in the mirror and complains about how my hair looks, that refuses to let someone take my picture because I'm not "camera ready"....I'm guilty. If I'm not careful I will start modeling that subtle self hatred to my daughter and the culture of lies will move into the next generation.  I've really taken these particular words to heart

"Where God is present, there is always hope. Only by speaking up and addressing the lies head on will we equip our daughters. Our silence, on the other hand, will endorse the culture's lies and leave them with the impression that they amount to nothing more than the sum of their parts. Our daughters need to know that God's standard for beauty is the only standard that matters." page 12

So here is my challenge to all the mom's just like me out there...rewrite the legacy you leave your daughters. Redefine what the word beautiful means to them and to YOU! Change your heart, your words, your thoughts.

Here is my latest running play list for my time to ponder...songs all about beauty (yes some of them don't fit exactly into the above message but it's a start!). YOU are BEAUTIFUL!  Believe it. Sing it! Dance to it. Enjoy it!


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